International cooperation
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Ngày đăng: 24/06/2021
Recognizing the importance of international cooperation, DISED has put its priority on actively strengthening partnership with organizations all over the world. It aims to exchange, to share and to collaborate in research projects as well as capacity building program

Main activities

*   (1) Signing MOU and other cooperation agreement with international partners  

*  (2)  Cooperating with the international partners to implement research projects and capacity building programs

*   (3) Connecting international partners to the city government and relevant organizations in both public and private sector

*  (4)  Cooperating with the international partners to organize scholar exchange programs

*   (5) Receiving international volunteers to work at DISED, conducting collaboration researches

Some international projects implemented by DISED

(1) Green growth orientation for city development strategy of Da Nang (GGGI and Un-Habitat, 2013 - 2014)

(2) Supporting for mushroom production in Da Nang city of Viet Nam (KOICA, 2013)

(3) Policy development for eco-industrial parks (KIET, 2015)

(4) Strategic Plan for Developing Da Nang Metropolitan Region and Da Nang Hub City (The SI and SKKU, 2014-2015)

(5) Rapid PlanningSustainable Infrastructure, Environmental and Resource Management for Highly Dynamic Metropolises” (Germany & UN Habitat, 2014 - 2019)/ (6) Build up community – based book café park (KOICA, 2016)

(7) Development of Da Nang Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem (IPP, 2015-2016)

(8) Biomass liquid fertilizer from human waste for improving urban sanitation and supporting farmers in Da Nang city, Viet Nam (JICA, 2015-2016)

(9) Business Survey and capacity building in innovation assessment (The Evidence Network Inc., Canada 2016)

(10) Review on Technology Innovation Support Policy in Da Nang (MBI – ADB, 2016)

(11) Secondary data on status of Technology sector in Da Nang city (MBI – ADB, 2016)

 (12) Implementation of Public projects with involvement of private sector (especially SMEs) in Da Nang city (Frontier – MBI, 2017)

(13) Awareness improvement of local residents about waste sorting and collecting (KOICA, 2016-2017)

(14) Localization project of drinking water production system using pre-coat technology in Da Nang (KBET, Korea 2017 - 2019)

(15) Develop a Technology & Innovation Toolkit for micro-, small-, and medium-sized entrepreneurs (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, 2017)

(16) Emplement! - Empowering urban regions for cooperative, synergistic and practical implementation of sustainability and resilience strategies considering the urban-rural nexus (AT-Verband, Germany, 2018 – 2021)

(17) Feasibility Study for Social Housing Development Project in Da Nang City, Vietnam (Han-A Urban Research Institute, Korea, 2020)

(18) City Lab - Experimenting to build a model of City Lab - Linking night-time economic development and tourism (Night Lab) for Da Nang city" (UNDP, 2020 - 2021)




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